Service Agreement/Privacy Policy

Important Information:Beijing iErmu Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "iErmu") specially warns you to carefully read and fully understand "'iErmu' Service Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as Agreement).

You must carefully read and fully understand terms and conditions specified in this "Agreement", especially exception clauses involving exemption or restriction of iErmu liability and right restriction articles for users. Please carefully read and decide to accept or reject this "Agreement". If you cannot accept all clauses in this "Agreement", please do not register or use this service. Registration, login and use of this agreement constitute acceptance of this "Agreement" and accept clause restriction defined in this "Agreement".

This "Agreement" is made between you (hereinafter referred to as "User") and IERMU in terms of registration and use of "iErmu" service (hereinafter referred to as "This Service"). This "Agreement" describes rights and obligations of relevant aspects of this service between iErmu and users. "User" refers to an individual or unit registering and using this service.

This "Agreement" is subject to change without prior notice by iErmu at any time, and the updated clauses will be in place of the original ones. A user can check the latest clauses in the website www.IERMU.com. If not agreeing with updated clauses, a user can give up using this service; however, if the user continues using this service after this "Agreement" is changed, it is deemed as that the user accepts updated terms and conditions.

  • 1. "iErmu" Service Agreement

    "IERMU" is a platform providing users with video viewing services and itself will not generate any content. After registration, a user can connect its monitoring device into this platform to check videos in real-time or historical videos of related locations where monitoring device is connected. A user, at his discretion, can add or delete a monitoring device.

  • 2. User Registration

    2.1 A user can register to the website www.IERMU.com and use "iErmu" service provided by "iErmu". When applying for use of this service, a user shall provide correct information about an individual or unit to iErmu (including but not limited to user name, password, contact and phone number). User name and password are set by a user. After successful registration, a user can log into and use the platform.

    2.2 Information filled in by a user shall be true and accurate. IERMU assumes no responsibility for unavailability of this service due to incorrect user information; A user shall maintain and update registration information as required to make it latest, complete and correct.

    2.3 User account and password are managed by users; and a user shall assume legal liability for all activities and events conducted with its related user account. If your company employee or any third party uses user account and password to log into the website, on condition that correct account and password information is provided and a user agrees with and iErmu is entitled to consider that this conduct is fully authorized. The user himself shall assume the responsibility for results raised from this behavior.

    2.4 If an account and password are illegally used by others due to users' own reasons, IERMU assumes no responsibility. Users' reasons include but not limited to: arbitrarily disclose account and password and other registration information to a third party; a account shared by several persons; illegal or unknown programs installed.

    2.5 If iErmu finds that an account user is not the person who registers the account, iErmu is entitled to temporarily freeze this account without prior notice to the registrant, and assumes no responsibility for legal liability for the registrant and user, and resulting account freezing, inability to check data or loss of video data will be at users' own risk. A user, when finding that its account is illegally used by others to log into this service, shall immediately notify the iErmu of freezing the account.

    2.6 If a password is lost or forgotten, a user can retrieve the password by the user-name and Email used when registering to this service. The password retrieval system for iErmu cannot identify if an Email user is the true account user, and accordingly, iErmu will not assumes any responsibility for loss due to false application for password and account retrieval. A user shall recognize that his password be well managed by himself, and iErmu will not guarantee that the password can be successfully retrieved via registered username and Email address.

    2.7 A user registering http://www.IERMU.com shall be intended to use services provided herein but not for any other purpose. As provisions in this website shall be combined with terminal devices such as network camera, digital video recorder, network camera and other alarming devices, a registered account can be activated only when the related device is online. If an account is not activated within 30 days since the date of registration, iErmu is entitled to write off this account.

  • 3. Rules of Use

    3.1 A user agrees that "IERMU" service be only for non-commercial purpose, and without written consent from iErmu, a user shall not use services provided by "iErmu" for marketing or other commercial purpose; otherwise, iErmu can immediately terminate provision of products and services to the user, and pursue legal liabilities according to laws and regulations to compensate iErmu for the loss.

    3.2 A user shall recognize that IERMU provides only the service defined under this agreement, and devices related to this service (such as PC, modem, and other units to access the Internet) and incurred fees (such as telephone bill and Internet access fees) shall be responsibility of the user.

    3.2 A user shall recognize that iErmu provides only the service defined under this agreement, and devices related to this service (such as PC, modem, and other units to access the Internet) and incurred fees (such as telephone bill and Internet access fees) shall be responsibility of the user.

    (1) Abide by the relevant state laws and policies, protect national interests and protect national security;

    (2) Abide by all network protocols, regulations and procedures related to website services;

    (3) Only used in www.IERMU.com and other officially-claimed portals provided by the IERMU;

    (4) Do not use this service for illegal purpose;

    (5) Do not use this service system for any purpose that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet;

    (6) Do not use this service system for any purpose that may adversely affect the iErmu;

    (7) Please immediately notify iErmu if your find any illegal use of a user account or vulnerable to be attacked;

    (8) Do not use plug-in or other fraudulent, improper or unfair means to use this service.

    3.4 This service involves use of Internet that may be troubled by various security problems to threaten safety of user information and data, thus affecting normal use of this service. A user shall strengthen awareness of protection of information safety and user information, and also password protection to prevent loss. iErmu will make its commercially reasonable diligence to protect privacy and integrity of user information, but not to guarantee for this.

    3.5 iErmu reserves the right to upgrade or adjust this service at any time. A new edition may involves upgrading of browser add-ons, phone client and software version of terminal device that may also be individually upgraded by iErmu. A user shall upgrade software involved as instructed; otherwise, iErmu cannot guarantee that a user can be served with new features and continued use of old version, and any loss or effect resulting from this shall be responsibility of the user. In addition, iErmu reserves the right to change or limit some functional effects at its own discretion due to its business development, and a user shall take this risk.

    3.6 iErmu will provide users various Internet and value-added services related to this service according to market and technology development, including free of charged or chargeable value-added services. iErmu reserves the right to charge related value-added services, and change charging standard and method; if a service free of charge is changed to chargeable one, iErmu will notify you in a proper manner, and a user is freely to accept or reject the chargeable service, and ensure that related fee is paid to iErmu as specified; If it refuses to pay or it is default in the payment, iErmu is entitled to stop this service and will recover losses and claim compensation in accordance with laws.

    3.7 iErmu is entitled to deliver advertisements and propagation information in the website, including but not limited to display in form of system message or popup window.

    3.8 If any dispute incurs due to use of third party software or technology in this service, the third party shall be responsible for solving the relevant problem, while iErmu assumes no responsibility. iErmu will not provide customer support for third party software or technology; if support is required, please contact the third party.

  • 4. Intellectual Property

    4.1 Information or data such as any text, diagram, audio, video and/or software contained in this service (including but not limited to diagram, animation, audio, video, interface design, data and program, code, document) is ownership of iErmu or its authorized representative, and protected by Copyright Law, Trademark Act and/or other laws and regulations. Except for restricted user right when using "iErmu" service, without written consent of related right holder, a user shall neither use this information or data in any form, nor reproduce, translate, disintegrate or de-edit software involved in this service, or use reverse engineering or other means to try to convert or convert object code of the software to source code.

    4.2 This agreement does not authorize a user to use any trademark, service mark, identifier, domain name or other visible branding characteristics of iErmu.

    4.3 Except those clearly allowed in this agreement, a user shall not fully or partially modify, lease, rent, lend, sell, distribute, reproduce this service, or create derivatives or use it for any commercial purpose.

    4.4 If the above clause is violated, iErmu has the right to terminate provision of products and services to a user, and pursue legal liabilities according to laws and regulations to compensate iErmu for the loss.

  • 5. Privacy Policy

    5.1 iErmu always respect users' privacy and will take every measure to protect personal information. Without prior consent of a user, iErmu will never make information public or disclose to third party, except in the following situations:

    (1) Clearly authorized by a user;

    (2) In accordance with applicable regulations and laws;

    (3) Required by government departments permitted by laws and regulations;

    (4) To safeguard the interests of the public;

    (5) To safeguard legal interest of IERMU.

    5.2 To serve users with better experience and quality of service, iErmu may work with a third party to provide related services to the users. In this case, if the third party agrees to undertake the same responsibility to protect privacy equivalent to iErmu, then iErmu is entitled to provide individual information to this third party.

    5.3 On condition that privacy information of a single user is not disclosed, iErmu is entitled to analyze the whole user database and use it in commercial manner (including but not limited to publicize, analyze or use user data such as quantity of user accesses, access period and user preferences).

  • 6. Legal Responsibility and Disclaimer

    6.1 A user clearly claims that he will fully take the risk and result of using this service, and iErmu will not assume any responsibility. If a user violates any clause defined in applicable laws, regulations or this "Agreement", iErmu is entitled to take measures at its discretion without prior notice to a user, including but not limited to interrupting service, restricting use, freezing or deleting user account, terminating service, and pursuing legal liability, and a user agrees to assume the compensation responsibility for loss caused to iErmu or any third party.

    6.2 Under the greatest extent allowed by the applicable law, iErmu makes no any warranty and condition, implied, express, or statutory, for this service, including but not limited to applicability, stability, free of virus, negligence or technical flaw of www.IERMU.com, as well as ownership and non-infringement. In addition, IERMU will neither ensure that this service can surely meet user requirement, nor warrant that the service provided will not be interrupted; and make no warranty for timeliness, security and re-occurrence of error of the service, as well as correct, timely and smooth delivery of this information.

    6.3 A user may obtain some contents provided by a third party from related network services of iErmu, or iErmu may provide a link to a third party for user's convenience, while it shall not be the responsibility of iErmu to check or evaluate accuracy of data, product, service or website content of this third party, and make no warranty or assume no responsibility or liability for this. A user shall make judgment on their own, and take all possible risks when using this information or others, including but not limited to risk caused by dependence on accuracy, integrity or practicality of this information.

    6.4 Under the greatest extent allowed by the applicable law, iErmu assumes no responsibility for any accidental, indirect, special or consequential loss or request due to use of the service or aspect related to this service, including but not limited to monetary loss or others due to personal injury, privacy disclosure, failure to fulfill integrity or reasonable care or negligence.

    6.5 A user understands and recognizes, and also assumes responsibility that use of Internet services involved in this service may be affected by each link due to instable factors, and risks that user requirements cannot be met due to force majeure, computer virus, hacker attack, unstable system, user location, power off, illegal information, nuisance message shielding and service interruption and block caused by any other network, technology, communication line, computer fault, and information security management measures. iErmu assumes no responsibility for the case where a user cannot receive video data or receives wrong data or suffer loss due to this reason.

  • 7. Service Interruption or Termination

    7.1 A user understands and recognizes that to ensure normal operation of the service, iErmu shall regularly or irregularly stop the website and other equipment for maintenance, thus resulting in normal service interruption or shutdown. iErmu commits to try to avoid service interruption, shutdown, or minimize interruption or shutdown period to the greatest extent commercially allowed.

    7.2 In any one of following situations, iErmu is entitled to interrupt or terminal provision of this service at any time without prior notice to a user, and assumes no responsibility for inconvenience or loss caused to the user or a third party: (1) regular inspection or construction, software and hardware updating; (2) a server is damaged and cannot be normally operated; (3) accidental fault of hardware & software or electronic communication device; (4) line fault or other fault of network provider; (5) to maintain national safety or personal safety of other users and third party in emergency; (6) force majeures or reasons caused by a third party.

    7.3 Except the situation described in the previous term, a user recognizes that iErmu has the right to interrupt or terminate full or partial services by posting a notice in the website 30days in advance (if specifically required by applicable laws and regulations, these laws and regulations shall prevail). A user is well aware of authorization of the above right and execution of the above right may result in direct or indirect interest loss to himself and third parties. A user herein clearly waives the right to call the iErmu to be accountable for above service interruption or termination.

  • 8. Other Terms

    8.1 Invalidation of any partial or full term defined in this "Agreement" will not affect effectiveness of any other terms.

    8.2 All titles defined in this "Agreement" are only intended for attracting attention and easy reading, and themselves are of no practical meaning, and cannot be a basis for explaining definition of this "Agreement".

    8.3 For the purpose of interpretation, efficacy and dispute settlement of this "Agreement", PRC laws shall apply. If any dispute or controversy occurs between a user and IERMU, friendly negotiation shall be firstly conducted. If no agreement is reached through consultation, a user herein fully agrees to sue the dispute or controversy to the court having the right of competency of the region where iErmu is located.

    8.4 This "Agreement" is proprietary to iErmu who reserves the right of final explanation.